Our Mission
Our Mission
Fallen Oak Mycology exists solely to seek solutions through mycology to improve the human condition. Mentally through therapeutics and nootropics. Nutritionally through healthy products and fresh mushrooms. Environmentally through the waste generated in the growing process. Ecologically through furthering the understanding of mycelium’s role in our agriculture, textiles, and land management.
As an umbrella to the public-facing entity that is Fallen Oak Mycology, Googins Biotech is the environmental and ecological vehicle currently being “driven” by Fallen Oak and its products.
The destination in this analogy is a company with a carbon negative footprint. I aim to raise the awareness of mycology’s broader impacts by providing monetary incentives in our economy, building a platform and blueprint for others to follow. I’d like to demonstrate that successful business and waste do not need to be correlative aspects of our economy’s evolution.
I think what sets Fallen Oak apart from others in that we don’t want to attract any one sect of society into this mission. Our branding is specifically geared toward an appeal to the widest possible demographics that mycelium and its fruits and functions hold the keys to our future as a species. I’m proud of our branding because of the aesthetic value it promotes. Simplicity, integrity, industry, ingenuity and eloquence.
As far as products go, I’ve tried to create products that toe the line between bougie and quality. We want our branding to fit in the health food stores and farmer’s markets alike without playing into the idea that everything that’s good for you has to be expensive. Also, that not every product that is ecologically and environmentally intelligent has to be high-brow or “woowoo” centric.
Fallen Oak Mycology produces high volumes of mushroom substrates and cultures of multiple species for professional and at-home cultivation. We also produce health products like our cordyceps and chaga or lion’s mane coffees. This coffee product is our response to the mushroom coffee craze that has been sorely lacking in quality of both coffee and mushrooms alike.
It is important that consumers know the difference between consuming mushroom mycelium and mushroom fruiting bodies. Our coffees contain what we think should be the industry standard of quality in regards to both. Consultations and conversations are also a service that I will always happily provide.
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