Our Mission

Fallen Oak Mycology is based in Austin, Texas and specializes in the production of  high quality mushroom products including spawn for personal mushroom cultivation as well as our Cordyceps and Chaga mushroom coffee. 

Our products uphold the values of the culture which we hope to spread through example. We strive to promote health, vitality and a high level of awareness and productivity through the use of powerful mushrooms and their wonderful flavors and health benefits.

More broadly, Fallen Oak Mushrooms and our parent company, Googins Biotech LLC strive to cultivate a positive impact on our environment through ethical and innovative business practices such as bin swapping with restaurants to reduce the number of one-use containers, recycling our spent mushroom substrate into a closed loop farming system being developed on our current property at River Forest Farms, and associating ourselves closely with the educational programs at the University of Texas while supporting students' mycofiltration projects by providing the necessary culture to carry out small-scale experiments.

Over the next few years, there are exciting plans involving a one of a kind off-grid mushroom and aquaponics cultivation structure, which will be built from recycled materials and be entirely stand alone. The hope of this structure is to provide a blueprint for others to follow and expand upon going forward, and to create a conversation of example facilities across the country and/or planet. The aim of this "Mycopod" is to help improve agricultural systems that we have yet to perfect, and thus provide more and more people on this planet with a means to enjoy a quality of life that is long overdue, and paramount to our survival into the future. 

If you would like to help us in our endeavor to allocate our spent substrate to projects such as mycoremediation and the like, please contact us. If you feel that you may be a good person to speak with, or know someone who is, please contact us. We are a small group of people striving to do things that take a lot of people to accomplish, and any and all collaboration is appreciated, and necessary.